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Video Production

Experience with...

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Angel: Broken Words

In my Choreography class at Agnes Scott College,  I worked on a piece titled Angel: Broken Words.


Center for Digital and Visual Literacy's "How To" Series

As a Digital Assistant at the Center for Digital and Visual Literacy, I'm a part of the Media Committee which is in charge of video production. I started the series of "How To" which informs students on our Instagram of the necessary information and materials to create digital work. I'm in charge of creating,, directing, and editing the videos as well.


Tour for CISAW

While working at the Center for Digital and Visual Literacy at Agnes Scott College, I was assigned to make a video tour of our Creative Innovation Studio and Workroom.


Celebration for Assistance Animals

As President of Access Redefined at Agnes Scott College, I organized an event that was for Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals. I wanted to market the success of the event on our social media by making a video using DaVinci Resolve.


Celebration for Assistance Animals

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