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Angel: Broken Words

The Message

This composition aims to raise awareness about ableism. The enduring trauma lingers in the heart of this young boy, forever altering the sparkle in his once bright eyes. The girl responsible for this harm has yet to acknowledge her actions or offer a genuine apology. Through movement, each dancer embodies the emotional journey experienced by the family members, navigating through sadness, anger, and a profound sense of hopelessness. The silence of the boy, unable to articulate his pain verbally, should not diminish the importance of amplifying his voice and the voices of others facing similar challenges.

The Story

My brother, Angel, was severely harassed and assaulted by a student teacher's assistant in his class. She did despicable things to these handicapped children. She didn't get any punishment. My brother who is autistic and non-verbal, was told by a judge that no one would know his feelings because he cannot speak. Our family has recognized his behavior change even years later. Angel used to laugh and smile all day and night, but now, he hides in his room and doesn't like to leave the house. All the while his abuser, with the initial of S.H., is out free. She did not truly apologize for her actions. Sadly, S.H. will never care about the damage she's done.  

The LookBook


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Celebration for Assistance Animals

Film for Angel: Broken Words

Dedicated to

Angel Alessandro Corn

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