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Haunted: Whispers of the Departed

The Story

This presentation is about a man named Angel Perez who had a wife and two beloved children.
He was a Mexican laborer for the Bracero Program of 1942 until he was deemed with a mental illness. "I
see dead people," he said. He was then put in a mental institution and treated horribly. Why, do you ask?
Because back then, mental health wasn't important nor cared for. Angel, not being able to see his
children he so very loved, was then sent back to Mexico. Where he remained alone. Even died alone. In
this piece, you will see a representation of Angel. As well as the ghosts he saw which in this piece
represent ghosts of lost potential. None of us deserve to have those ghosts surrounding us on our death

The LookBook

Group 4.2.jpg

Check out my photography lookbook for Haunted: Whispers of the Departed


Celebration for Assistance Animals

Dance Film for Haunted:
Whispers of the Departed

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