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Current and Growing Projects

Dance Films

Having a love for choreography is something I will always cherish. Growing up dancing made me fall in love with creating my own pieces. In college, as I fell more into loving video production and kept wanting to improve, I've taken the opportunity to combine dance and my video production skills into one. This has helped me grow and improve and it has constantly let me learn howhat to do and what not to do.


Haunted: Whispers of the Departed

This was a piece that was about my great grandfather's tough life. Each of the dancers portrayed a person/character. This project took about 2 months including hours of rehearsals. I loved that I got to choreograph, film, and edit it all myself. 

Angel: Broken Words

This was my first film I recorded. It was challenging because there was a limited amount of time, not ideal filming location, and an injury happened in the middle of filming. However, it was a growing process for me which led me to improve for my next film, Haunted: Whispers of the Departed. 

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